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Electrolysis Testimonials

We’d like to thank all our clients who have graciously taken the time to write to us and also allow us to post their comments. Below is a sampling of some of the wonderful experiences our guests have had at the spa. Learn more about our treatments and book yours today.

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I want to express my immense gratitude to Regina and Anastasia for the opportunity they’ve given me, and for the exceptionally professional work they’ve done.
Victoria K. Bergen County NJ

I’ve been coming to see Pawel for electrolysis and I can highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Office is very clean and people are friendly! The speed of the session is definitely high comparing to the previous person that I went before! Definitely 5 stars can’t do more
Renate K. Bergen County NJ

Truly the best in the business!!! I come from Long Island Tryed the rest this Man / company is truly the best for electrolysis.
Lonnie W. Long Island NY

I have been getting electrolysis from Regina and the Microcurrent Facial from Anastasia since July of 2023. I cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience has been with both treatments and technicians. I’ve had amazing results with both treatments and constantly get compliments on how young and fresh my skin looks. The office and treatment rooms are spotless and lovely. Highly recommend!
Liz W. Bergen County NJ

Regina is awesome! She’s very skilled and good at what she does. I’ve even brought my mom and dad for electrolysis!! And it’s working!! Be disciplined and you will notice a difference!
Elmas P. Bergen County NJ

I have been coming here for a number of years and am blown away by my results. Valentina is a pure, rare talent! I could not have imagined a better outcome or a better person to trust with my skin. I couldn’t be happier!
Keimya S. Bergen County NJ

I have been going to My Skin Care & Electrolysis for years and they are truly the best. Regina has been doing electrolysis for a long time and is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She’s warm and friendly and goes out of her way to ensure that I’m comfortable! I trust her to help with my PCOS related hair growth. Ever since I’ve been coming here, I have had a significant reduction in hair growth and my confidence has gone up as a result!
Shree P. Bergen County NJ

So happy I found this place. Valentina is professional. The place is clean and well maintained. It’s been about 7 treatments and my results have been fantastic I’m almost through with electrolysis in my first area and will be getting more and more done. Valentina really tries to accommodate your time and availability and I’ve never had to wait very long in the waiting room. 10/10 recommend!
Elaine H. Bergen County NJ

Are you unhappy with unwanted hair? not worries I highly recommend. You come to this place and have some sesions with Pawel Sobik, He will help You get rid of it, Pawel is exactly what You call a Proffecional, You will end up feeling so satisfied as I am.
Edgar T. Bergen County NJ

Good customer service excellent services.
Jenny R. Bergen County NJ

Regina is very friendly and wonderful at her job. I highly recommend her!
Alexis. Bergen County NJ

Regina . You are the best . Thank you
Mariya D. Bergen County NJ

I am so happy I found this place and I can be on my journey to a better me. Thank you so much!!! The energy and kindness is beyond words.
Yosmar R. Bergen County NJ

Where do I start...First and foremost I have only written 1 review in my life...that being said, I am so lucky and blessed to have found this place for all my skin care and electrolysis needs. I have been searching for a place like this for YEARS NOW! NO JOKE...Regina is VERY knowledgeable at what she does, and she actually cares about helping you achieve your goals, no matter what they are! I can truly say with confidence that she is best, after having spent so much money and years of experience trying so many different places. Not only that, but the facility is also so clean and relaxing! Regina has helped me gain my confidence back, she truly saved me LOL I have referred so many people that are SO HAPPPY here! Almost everyone in my family goes here now and thanks me all the time for referring them. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE! :)
Caroline I. Bergen County NJ

I can’t say enough good things about Regina and the facility. I had a very bad experience with another technician elsewhere and then I was lucky to meet Regina. She was honest from the start. I really appreciate her and all the staff at the clinic. They are all very sweet and helpful.
Sara H. Bergen County NJ

I have been going to Elite Electrolysis for a few years now. I began this hair removal process in one small area then decided to do some more areas because I trust it with my life! Electrolysis has worked miracles for my skin, removing hairs PERMANENTLY!!! I am so grateful for the team of specialists at Elite because they are all very knowledgeable and have helped me remove unwanted hairs and improve my skin condition tremendously. With my first electrolysis appointment, I could already notice that the hairs were much lighter, thinner and even reduced in amount. After more appointments, I have no hair growth in those areas. For my skin on my face, I got great facials done and purchased great cleansers and scrubs from here. These things helped a ton to clear up my acne. If you are hesitant, book a free consultation and speak with a specialist for your skin needs. I am sure they will be able to help you.
Meghavi P. NJ

I had a great experience at MY SKIN CARE AND ELECTROLYSIS. Valentina is my electrologist who I always look forward to seeing. Thank you for providing a super sanitary environment for this treatment.
Karen A S. Bergen County NJ

Been going to Valentyna for the past five years or so and still am, I myself have pcos and this is the only thing that will get rid of the hair forever. All the unwanted hair is actually gone and doesn’t regrow back.the reason for the five years is because of all the years of tweezing and waxing had caused so much more damage. She works super hard and gives you results. Definitely recommend to anyone who has unwanted facial hair and is looking for a solution.
Angela P. NJ

I’m very happy with my electrolysis experience so far. Regina is professional and very focused on her work. I’m also happy with COVID precautions that I see, mainly staff wearing masks, no handling of credit cards, and hand sanitizers throughout the office. Patient mask wearing is also enforced, from what I’ve seen. I can’t comment yet on effectiveness of the hair removal service (takes several months to see results) so I’ll update my review later to incorporate that in more detail!
Sarah W. NJ

Staff is very friendly and the place is very clean. Following COVID-19 regulations.
Marina Y. NJ

I’ve been coming here for a little over two years for Electrolysis treatments and I’ve got to say, this place is amazing. There’s a relaxing ambiance when you walk in and they offer coffee, water, or sometimes chocolate or cookies which is a nice little plus. Everyone is very warm and welcoming as well. I do my treatments with Valentyna. She’s a kind woman with a warm personality and she always tries her absolute best to accommodate my hectic schedule. And she doesn’t miss a hair! I’d highly recommend her to anyone if she’s available. Five stars for this spa.
Mariam BG. Paramus NJ

If I could put 10 stars I would!!!! Valentyna has changed my life! She is so knowledgeable, talented and excellent at what she does! I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was going elsewhere for electrolysis for YEARS and the results I have received from Valentyna are incredible. I am so happy!!! Thank you to Valentyna and MY Skincare for giving me confidence! ❤ ❤ ❤
Allyson R. Ridgewood NJ

Elite Electrolysis is amazing the staff is friendly and helpful. Valentina is the best I been coming to her on and off for years now and I have not yet been disappointed. I definitely recommend her and Elite Electrolysis....
Pamela G. NJ

This place has been a great experience and has been very beneficial and effective. I feel welcomed every visit and satisfied with my results. I would consider this place to everyone.
Shanavia S. NJ

Very clean and professional.

Friendly and very professional. The staff really knows what they’re doing. Very happy with the electrolysis.
Patricia S. NJ

You guys have no idea of how this has helped me. I have been growing hair on my face since high school. It bothered me so much and lowered my self esteem through out college. My mom paid hundreds of dollars to a laser company in Livingston and it burned my skin and made the hair grow longer. Doing hair electrolysis has brought me so much joy and hope. The hair is gone! You can’t see that I had facial hair. Regina is an amazing human that makes you feel so comfortable. She talks to you and explains the process. She did not burn me, my skin comes out fine. She told me to exfoliate when i had ingrown hair and bumps. This helped a lot. She knows how to work well with dark skin clients. This has changed my life so much. I am posting pictures in hope for other ladies to have faith that there is a solution out there. Even though it’s expensive, I can confidently say that it has boosted my self esteem. I can let people look at me without hiding. My mom has been so happy that i found a solution. Thank you Regina. I am so grateful. 😊😊😊😊😊
Nos S. Livingston, NJ

Great atmosphere and professional. I have been receiving hair electrolysis here and have received great results so far!! 😊
Katie G. NJ

I had a great experience at MYSC. Always professional and comfortable and welcoming!
Deborah S. B. NJ

Valentyna is very professional. She gets the job done with great results. I would highly recommend her for your electrolysis needs.
Polina, NJ

I’ve been a client for electrolysis and skin care since around November 2017. Oksana (electrologist) is very gentle, is extremely knowledgeable, and has a sweet demeanor. Marissa (aesthetician), is friendly and gives amazing facials and skin care advice. The prices for both services are decent. I highly recommend this place!
Kisha M, NJ

This is a great place where my daughter is getting Electolysis treatment for several years. Expert Oksana does the treatment with her gentle touch which makes the pain almost not disturbing:) We will be coming here until the end of the treatment. I would greatly recommend this clean and hygiene place with any of the beauty treatments you might need:)
Amita J. P., NJ

I’ve been coming for many years. love it. i go to the Fair lawn location for electrolysis. Love Marina and Valentina! R M., East Rutherford NJ

I am consistently blown away by the professionalism and care that is shown by the entire staff at Elite Electrolysis. I saw a difference after one treatment and continue to see amazing results! If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all of your skincare needs, this is the place to go!
Elena M., NJ

Great place if you have unwanted hair that you want to remove forever. Don’t bother with laser ( especially if it is for facial hair) come experience the magic of Electrolysis in the hands of these great ladies (especially Valentyna).
Yesenia E., NJ

I have been going here for the past couple years for electrolysis and if I could give it 100 stars I would! All of the unwanted hair I had and struggled with for years is gone. Going from having to shave, tweeze, or wax every other day to never having to do anything again is worth every penny. Marina and her staff are extremely professional and make you feel really comfortable- I would highly recommend this facility and I would be happy to be a contact point if you would like a reference. Thanks Marina!
Jackie F. Caldwell, NJ

I relocated to the area so I needed a new place for my electrolysis. This was pricier and a little more painful than what I’m used to but it was efficient. They were able to accommodate me on a short notice and the Lady was very nice.
Maria B., NJ

I have been trying different methods of hair removal for so many years. Finally I have found the perfect place that is permanently removing my unwanted hair! My Elite Electrolysis is professional and reasonably priced in comparison to all the other places I have gone. Valentyna is absolutely amazing! She is very flexible with her hours, professional and so knowledgeable. Thank you, My Elite Electrolysis for giving me smooth, hairless skin and confidence! I HIGHLY recommend if you have unwanted hair and are seeking removal to go here and see Valentyna!
Allyson R., NJ

I’ve seen Regina twice and each time the service is great. I’ve already see changes in the growth rate of my hair returning. I’m definitely satisfied.
Dionna B, Newark NJ

I found this place online and decided to try it out because of the reviews and it was a great decision. My skin has never looked better and I really appreciate Valentina! I am so happy with my electrolysis results! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!
Cristina R, Ridgefield, NJ

So happy to have found out about this place! I have been going to Valentina for about two years now. I was going weekly, then I started going every two weeks, and before I knew it I started going every month and a half or so. My results have been tremendous and I couldn’t be happier! Elite is always very clean and smells great. I always have a nice cup of complimentary coffee when I arrive. As far as appointments go, I always book my next appointment after my visit because they do get quite busy. I have never waited for than 5 minutes after my appointment, Valentina is usually always right on schedule! I’m already thinking about what area I should do next! Highly recommend!
Joyce E, Lodi, NJ

I have been going to elite electrylosis since November 2012 to clear my chin area and Oksana did an amazing job. I recently started doing my abdomen region with another practitioner because of work related issues and the practitioner did a horrible job. I have developed a lot of hyper pigmentation plus folliculites because she wasn’t inserting the needle properly. After about 3-4 treatments, I had enough and decided to go back to elite and I’m going to stick with it. Biggest mistake ever was going elsewhere when I already have best in town. I explain my nightmare to Oskana and she was very understanding. Elite is the best in New Jersey by Far!
Abi O, Paterson, NJ

This place is very professional. I just started coming here about 2 months ago for electrolysis and I already see a big difference. Very happy with the results! Will continue to go weekly.
Kassey S, Midland Park, NJ

I have been to a few different specialists and I have to say that Elite Electrolysis is great at what they do. I use to go to someone also in Fair Lawn for about 8 or 9 months or so and honestly the results were not as good. I had faith and thought well maybe because of my hormones it will take a while. A couple of months ago I decided enough is enough its a lot of money I should probably look into someone else and I finally found this place. I highly recommend this Electrolysis office as a Godsend!!! Also their place has great customer service unlike the last one I went to, night and day. I saw results after just 2 appointments, I know I couldn’t believe it myself but it’s true this place is amazing. When you have an issue like this and you find some one as good as this place trust me you will be amazed!
Oxana V, Robbinsville, NJ

Elite Electrolysis is a God sent. For anyone who has ever struggled with embarrassing, unwanted, coarse, hard to remove hair, this place is for you. I struggled for years with coarse facial hair and years of time consuming, tiring and inconvenient tweezing. Only to wind up with a dark shadow around my chin area that was getting progressively worse. After doing lots of research (laser, and other hair removal treatments) I decided to try electrolysis. I was a lot nervous and apprehensive but made my consultation appointment anyway. I was immediately put at ease and I believed that my hair free goals were within reach. After my first treatment, I saw a difference and after the first several, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I no longer have to spend hours in the makeup mirror tweezing or have to be ashamed about my "five o’clock" shadow. Ladies (and gentlemen) don’t suffer anymore. Step out on faith and give them a call. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
J B., Suffern, NY

Hair on ones body is normal. However, as a woman, hair on my abdomen (stomach) was not normal nor wanted. For years I tried everything known to get ride of the hair. I’ve shaved, waxed, tweezed, and complete 9 treatments of professional laser hair removal. Nothing worked and only served to cause skin irritation and or scaring on my darker skin (African American background). After being unsuccessful with laser hair removal, I again started researching permanent hair removal treatments and discovered the facts related to electrolysis. After conducting a google search of an electrolysis within my radius, I came upon Elite Electrolysis and decided to make an appointment for a consolation. During the consultation I met with Marina who was curtious and explained the process as well as demonstrated a brief session. She explained that the process would take time and commitment but would lead to results. Honestly, I was skeptical due to my history of unseen permanent results. After thinking it over, I made my initial appointment with Marina at her West Orange location and never looked back. After clearing my abdomen area in the first 3-one hour sessions, I began to notice a difference, the hair actually took a longer time to grow back. After about 5 sessions, we moved from weekly to bi-weekly. After about 10 treatments the hair was disappearing and I needed an appointment only once a month. I am now on my 15th treatment and can honestly say, I am no longer embarrassed to show my stomach. My appointments are now once a month or as needed and usually last under 20mins, seeing that there are just a few stray hairs. This has been the only method that has worked for me and has been truly permanent. After initially questioning the process during consultation, I am not a believer and am greatful to Marina for her professionalism and expertise!
Lisa, NJ

I was introduced to Valentina Tabaka through a friend who highly recommended her as a true professional. Now, I have thick hair and I tried various other methods of hair removal (waxing, shaving, etc), and to be honest none of them worked to my satisfaction. All these methods work in mediocre scale and with with diminishing results. After I met with Valentina, she patiently explained me in detail the entire process, step-by-step. She has a medical background so, all my questions were answered from a professional point of view, in a clear and consistent manner. I have only couple of treatments left, but I must say that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I do not have pigmentation anymore, my skin is smooth, clear and literally all my friends are asking what is I did to get that beautiful skin. Let me tell you, if you like me suffer from thick hair, electrolysis is your best bet. Better yet, go see Valentina, this will be the best decision you’ve ever made!!!!
Ellen D. NJ

This is a painful subject, getting stuck with a needle...and My Skin Care and Electrolysis does a painless job of it. Great professional service, skill and results. I highly recommend them!
Pet Lover W.

Love Valentina! Love this place! Always clean and helpful!!!!!! Valentina has helped me and made me feel super comfortable about my treatments :) :) :)
Stephanie S. NJ

For those doubting that electrolysis works, well, let me tell you, it does. I’ve been going for about a year now and the hair I wanted gone is much thinner, finer and some doesn’t even grow back. The word the ladies do at EE is wonderful. My first visit included a free consolation of how the treatments would feel and it wasn’t too terrible. You know what they say, beauty is painful. The lady who takes care of me is talkative, polite, and very good at what she does. We have conversations while she does the treatments, so the staff if incredibly personable and knows what they’re doing. They have flexible schedules, too. If anyone needs any hair removal, I highly recommend Elite Electrolysis. The embarrassing hair that grew as a result of my hormones is going away and I feel more confident in myself because it’s gone.
Colleen D., Little Falls NJ

Excellent customer service! Excellent results and excellent staff! I’ve been struggling for years to remove unwanted hair. After years of bleaching and many different painful laser hair removal treatments, I finally found this office for electrolysis. Everything is clean and done so well. I truly enjoy my time as I’m getting treatment done.
Jay T., Hackensack, NJ

After trying every form of hair removal, it’s clear electrolysis is the ONLY method that is permanent! The team at Elite Electrolysis was not only friendly but super informative! Marina and her team are the only people to trust with your skincare needs. After only a few sessions, my unwanted hair is all gone. Stop wasting time plucking, waxing, etc. Electrolysis is the only way to go.
Rebecca, Glen Rock, NJ

The place changed a name and now is called MY skin care. The same excellent service and staff. Now that I do not have an unwanted hair I still go to them for my skin care needs and eyelash extensions.
Helen G., West Nyack, NY

I got my first session at Elite Electrolysis in Fair Lawn and I must say I was nervous about the pain. I’ve been dealing with unwanted hairs for a few years and as a women very embarrassed of it. I was not in pain I had a comfortable experience and can’t wait for my next appointment . I’ll make sure I write another review if it works keeping my fingers crossed sincerely S.
S. N., Paterson, NJ

After so many years of no results and hairs coming back, I finally found the right place. On one hand I’m upset that I wasted so many years and money, but on the other hand just after a few visits I’m glad I finally clicked on Elite’s website.
Sandra, West Orange, NJ

I’m not really good at writing reviews and seldom read them. But just want to say that if you do not know much about electrolysis and have questions just ask for the free consultation. I’m glad I did and Oksana told me what to do and what to expect. Even did a few hairs. Oksana was just awesome and removed all my hairs. Thank you Elite.......
Lucy, Paramus, NJ

Marina has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been to an electrolysis before her and that electrologist would continue to tell me that I was almost done and that was never the case. Finally, after 3 years of empty promises, I decided to find someone else. I was doubtful when I first talked to Marina because of my prior experience, but she proved me wrong. After a couple of treatments, I saw a major difference on all the parts that were worked on and now I am done. Thank you Marina for making a difference.
P., Summit, NJ

I am so glad I followed up on a personal referral given to me. After endlessly surfing thru all hair removal forums, I was still not sure if electrolysis was for me. Thank you very much for patiently answering all my questions and most of all for helping me to overcome my hair problem.
Julia, Fort Lee, NJ

At 28 years old I would have never guessed that I would have been depressed about hair on my face. Marina you have worked a miracle for my self confidence. I used to hide my face in the light, avoid close conversation and squirm when someone ventured to touch my face. Marina you have kept every promise made to me about my potential progress from day one and the results are incredible. Thank you so much for always being so accomodating, welcoming, informative, warm and productive. I could never thank you enough for assisting me in being able to stand in the sunlight again without fear of hair on my face being noticed. You have changed my life! Tara, NYC NY

I’ve been struggling with unwanted hair for years, and I thought I would be stuck with this problem forever as no hair removal methods had helped. Then my friend recommended this place. I’m so happy that I tried electrolysis, because finally I have clean skin and I don’t have to hide my face. The electrologysts at this place are very professional and do a great job. I highly recommend Elite
Jeniffer P, Elmwood Park, NJ
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